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Toyota Ghana Limited

Existing toyota accra 2

Existing toyota accra 2Toyota Ghana Accra

Toyota Ghana Accra

Existing Facility                                                                    

  Proposed Toyota Ghana Remodel Office
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Toyota Ghana Accra -Proposed Office

Accra, Ghana


This proposed contemporary remodel of the Toyota Ghana Limited office building in Accra- Ghana, is an exemplar of the highest quality in contemporary office building design.  

Distinguished by a sense of rhythm, solidity and proportion, the striking façade finds balance in the formal and the contemporary, incorporating pergola roof terrace, aluminium shade screens and refined detailing.

The concept was built to depict motion ( for an automobile business) blending the Toyota conservative  signature with contemporary design, while at the same time being environmentally sustainable.



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Existing toyota accra 2 Toyota Ghana Accra Existing Facility                                 

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