We have lands at prime areas for sale

Land for Sale

Are you looking for the most secure and stress-free land for your ideal ‘grand house design’? That also allows you to enjoy some panoramic views?

For all self-builders, finding land is the first step towards building a dream home. Whether the plot is a gap in an urban terrace or former farmland in an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, the challenges to bring a new house into being are numerous.

Epignotects -AD has carefully chosen best land plots in Ghana which provides the most conducive environments and offers stunning scenic views in Accra, Aburi, Akosombo, Kumasi, Lake-Bosomte area, etc

 1) Aburi

  • 20 acres of plot available

  • 45 minutes drive from Accra

2) Akosombo

  • 6 Plots available near  Adomi bridge

  • 60 -90 minutes drive from Accra

3) Kumasi Port City – Boankra

  • Plots available 

  • 45 minutes drive from central Kumasi

How can an architect help?

It is common for challenging constraints to bring self-builders and architects together to unlock and maximise a site’s potential.

Our services can be useful from finding land and informing your decision to purchase, to guiding you through the specifics of planning, building regulations and onward to help deliver your build.

An architect’s involvement is often highly beneficial to the finished house. It is the timely deployment of architects and other consultant’s skills that can have the most positive impact on a project .