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Twin House Project

Date begun:  November 2019
Completion date:  to date
Floor area: 264m²
Status: Under construction 
Budget: N/A

In August 2019, the client Mr Ansah contacted epignotects-AD for the development of a semi detached but individualised units for himself and his brother that lived in the Diaspora.The proposed Modern Twin house project was to be developed within a gated residential community at Katamanso. Katamanso is a new suburb developing off the main Adenta street in Accra.The site is at a corner location on an adjoining road about 2 blocks away from a main neighbourhood street.

Site Observation and Studies and Existing Structures: 

•The location is endowed with wide stretch of level ground which makes it possible to have view of features over a 5 kilometer distance from any location.

•It is a gated community with well-defined but mostly untarred road system, also a sound and safe environment for peace of mind for residents.

•There is overhead power, from an adjacent power pole connected at high level on the front façades It has benefits of security, efficient drainage system, electricity, rubbish recovery system etc. ,

•Surrounding the site is either completed single storey and 3 story buildings. The immediate and adjoining properties are other sites under construction and some undeveloped sites.

existing site.jpg

Existing site view

•The site is generally flat and looks dry, with no indication of water logged or clayey. A site geological survey conducted would provide the details. 

•Surrounding construction observed is of unreinforced masonry block wall sitting within concrete frame. The roofing is profiled corrugated aluminum supported off timber framing; the front section is double-pitch, sloping away from the road.

Project Brief:

Together with the client, the project brief for each block was to include: 

  • Living and dining room
  • 3 number ensuite bedrooms on top floor
  • One bedroom on ground floor
  • Kitchen
  • Storage
  • Dining
  • Staff Room

Twin House - option 2.png

Conceptual design option 1

Twin House - option 1.png

Conceptual design option 2

Design strategy:

This was a bare and generally flat land. The main focus was with planning the site so as to contain 2 houses on the same plot and yet maintain privacy for each residence.

  • Having enough room for outdoor living and landscaping.
  • All the rooms would be positioned to have enough ventilation and lighting in all living rooms.
  • Enough terraces for relaxation and also as shading for large windows
  • Internal courtyards created such that privacy could be achieved; and yet as well open to outdoor sunlight. 
3D view.png

3D View



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